Delivering a staggering 15kW of electric power, this is the most technically advanced and powerful electric bicycle on the market.

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The Frame

Lightweight, strong and brutally fast.

  • Innovative hybrid Aluminium / Carbon shell construction
  • Bespoke colours

Electrical Power

EB-01’s scintillating power can be delivered in three modes low, high and boost, offering different levels of traction and range to suit your activity.

  • 15Kw electric power
  • 1.75 kW.h Lithium-ion power pack with intra-cell forced air cooling
  • Regenerative braking
  • Standard full charge time : 1.5 h


EB-01’s wide range 9 speed sequential gearbox will deliver instant and smooth shifting regardless of situation, load, whether you are pedaling or if you are moving.

  • Fully enclosed gearbox
  • Increased ground clearance


EB-01’s full suspension will ensure a smooth landing wherever you are.

  • Fully adjustable ‘downhill’ suspension
  • Front: 200mm travel, ‘upside down’ DH air fork
  • Rear: 220mm wheel travel, DH shock absorber (air shock absorber optional)


We’ve added in regenerative electric braking to maximize your range.

  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Front: Twin discs, 205mm
  • Rear: Single disc 205mm
  • Independent and proportional regenerative braking via left hand thumb control.


Standard wheel configurations: MTB: 24” MTB/DH tyres to get the most from the power.


Disclaimer Note concerning the Road Traffic Act (RTA) / Road Traffic Licensing Regulations & Liability Exclusion We want to point out that the use of EB-01 isn´t allowed on UK public roads, because this electric bicycle exceeds the legal speed limit of 15.5mph and it has more than 250W of power for an electric bicycle allowed on UK public roads. It is only allowed to be used on private, closed areas, sporting activities or on designated routes. Please ride carefully and use protective clothing such as helmets and clothing with protectors etc. Don´t endanger yourself or other persons. Talk to your insurance to make sure all areas of your activities are legally protected. Please keep in mind that other countries may have deviating legal regulations / requirements – especially if you are going on holiday and take your electric bike with you. Please inform yourself in advance and always follow the legal regulations.

No liability is assumed for any current or future damages to persons and / or objects caused by the improper use or modification of the EB-01. The manufacturer´s warranty of your EB-01 electric bicycle may be limited or can completely expire if you modify to manipulate the speed of your EB-01 electric bike.


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