HPD 120 E Powertrain

Our second crate motor in the HPD E Powertrain product range for electric vehicles and conversions is now available to order. Suitable for OEMs, niche vehicle manufacturers, EV conversion companies as well as the enthusiast home mechanic. With options for the inverter, cooling system pump, limited slip differential and driver controls also available.

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Medium size vehicles, both front and rear wheel drive

Hybridisation of a conventional vehicle

Classic Cars

Sports Cars

Passenger Cars

Light Commercial Vehicles



Main Technical Data

Motor Type:                                                      IPM

Continuous Power Rating (kW):                   120

Peak Power Rating (kW):                               190 @ 9500 rpm

Max. Motor Torque (Nm):                              204

Max. Motor Efficiency (%):                             97

Peak Efficiency Motor Speed (rpm):            8000

Max. Motor Speed (rpm):                               10500

Transmission:                                                   Single speed, helical gears

Oil Capacity (l):                                                 0.75

Transmission Ratio Options:                         11.508 or 6.332

Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm):             2348 or 1292            (Dependant on ratio)

Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm):             912 or 1658               (Dependant on ratio)

Overall Inertia At Output (kg.m²):                1.53 or 0.50            (Dependant on ratio)

Powertrain Assembly Dimensions (mm):    504 x 384 x 228

Powertrain Assembly Mass (kg):                  60.5

Motor Power & Torque Curves (400V)



The HPD 120 E Powertrain’s dimensions are 504mm x 384mm x 228mm, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of automotive applications.

Click here for a larger image of the dimensions


With multiple installation points and the ability to site the inverter and cooling system components separately, as well as being waterproof itself, the HPD offers flexibility to fit a wide range of vehicles.

Click here for larger image of the Installation Points

Optional Extras

Flanged Driveshaft Joint Housings  CAD Download

Coolant System Pump Kit

Cascadia PM150DX MCU (Inverter) Datasheet

Limited slip differential

Satin black finish

Throttle Pedal


Where to buy

The HPD 120 E Powertrain is £6,900 plus Taxes

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