The E-Transmission system from the HPD E Powertrain electrification product range is now available to order as a standalone product. Suitable for use in hybrid or electric vehicles, the compact, lightweight transmission system has been designed to be installed with a wide range of e-motors.

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Electric Vehicles

Hybridisation Of Conventional Vehicles

Passenger Cars

Sports Cars

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Main Technical Data

Transmission Type:                                                           Single Speed

Max. Input Torque (Nm):                                                   204

Max. Motor Speed (rpm):                                                  10,500

Gear Type:                                                                           Helical Gears

Differential Type:                                                               Standard/Open

Lubrication Type:                                                               Splash

Oil Capacity (l):                                                                   0.75

Installation Angle (degs):                                                 15.0 Max

Transmission Ratio Options:                                           11.508 or 6.332

Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm):                               2348 or 1292

Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm):                               912 or 1658



Transmission Assembly Dimensions (mm):                  250 x 384 x 228

Transmission Assembly Mass (kg):                                17.9

E-Transmission 2D Drawing



With a purpose designed adaptor flange for mounting the e-motor in addition to multiple installation points, the E-Transmission system offers the user a high degree of flexibility for fitment in to a wide range of vehicles.

Optional Extras

Black Satin Finish

Universal Flanged Driveshaft Joint Housings

Classic Mini Driveshaft Joint Housings

Limited Slip Differential

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The E-Transmission is £2,500 plus Taxes

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