Classic Mini Kit

A purpose designed vehicle electrification conversion kit for Classic Minis is now available to order. Suitable for vehicle conversion specialists as well as the home mechanic. With a host of EV option components also available.

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Suitable for all classic Minis

No vehicle modifications are required to convert your classic Mini

Main Technical Data

Motor Type:                                                       IPM

Continuous Power Rating (kW):                    80

Peak Power Rating (kW):                               128 @ 10300 rpm

Max. Motor Torque (Nm):                               136

Max. Motor Efficiency (%):                              97

Peak Efficiency Motor Speed (rpm):             8000

Max. Motor Speed (rpm):                                10500

Transmission:                                                   Single speed, helical gears

Oil Capacity (l):                                                  0.75

Transmission Ratio:                                          6.332

Max. Nominal Output Torque (Nm):               861

Max. Nominal Output Speed (rpm):               1658

Overall Inertia At Output (kg.m²):                   0.35

Powertrain Assembly Dimensions (mm):      441 x 384 x 228

Classic Mini Kit Assembly Mass (kg):            70.1 (Dry)


Optional Extras

HPD E Powertrain Specific

Limited Slip Differential

Satin Black Finish

EV Option Components

12kWhr Battery Pack

Motor Controller (Inverter) Kit

Onboard Charger & DC-DC Converter Kit

Speed Sensor Kit

Throttle Pedal

Speedometer Assembly (Classic Mini Central Dashboard Version)

Cooling System Pump Kit

FNR Gear Selector

Where to buy

The Classic Mini Kit is £8,850 plus Taxes

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