Delivering a staggering 15kW of electric power, it’s the most technically advanced and powerful electric bicycle on the market.

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The Frame

It’s light, it’s brutally fast and will blow your mind.

  • Innovative hybrid Aluminium / Carbon shell construction
  • Bespoke colours
  • 15Kw electric power

Electrical Power

EB-01’s scintillating power can be delivered in three modes to suit your activity - Wheelie control, traction control or range control

  • 1.75 kW.h Lithium-ion power pack with intra-cell forced air cooling
  • Regenerative braking
  • Standard full charge time : 1.5 h


EB-01’s wide range 9 speed sequential gearbox will deliver instant and smooth shifting regardless of situation, load, whether you are pedalling or if you are moving.

  • Fully enclosed, low maintenance, high reliability in extreme riding conditions
  • Increased ground clearance


EB-01’s full suspension will ensure a smooth landing wherever you are.

  • Downhill rear shock absorber with air shock (optional)


We’ve added in regenerative electric braking to maximise your range.


Choose from Super Moto, Moto X or Mountain Bike wheels to get the most from the power.

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